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Your First Step

Are You Ready for a Complimentary and Confidential Telephone Appointment to Discuss How We Can Help?

Seize Your Opportunity to Acquire and Monetize Intellectual Property Assets

About 70% of the value of a typical business is in its intellectual property. We have worked with hundreds of clients to help them obtain valuable intellectual property rights. In addition to being licensable and saleable assets, these intellectual property rights made it easier for them to attract investment and grow since they could better deal with competitors.

Resolve Your IP Problem and Get Back to Business

If there's already an IP issue, we're here to help get it resolved. We’ve helped many clients enforce their intellectual property rights against infringers and resolve disputes about ownership of intellectual property rights. We’ve also helped numerous clients accused of infringement or facing a challenge to their intellectual property rights to resolve the matter through settlement or by vigourously defending them against the claim.

Your Initial Telephone Appointment

We offer a complimentary and confidential 15-minute initial telephone appointment to discuss what services we can provide to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll also advise you about the costs of those services—we use predetermined or flat fees for most services outside of litigation and negotiation services.

The appointment will give you a better understanding of your options and a clearer sense of how best to proceed based on your individual circumstances. As most intellectual property rights are granted based on who is first to file an application, failing to act now could be fatal to your application. So don’t delay.

There is no obligation to hire us after the telephone appointment if you find that we are not the right fit. Similarly, if we don’t think we are the right firm for you, then we will help get you to the right lawyer for you.

Please call us during business hours at 416-546-7303 or use our online scheduler to set a date and time during business hours and we'll call you. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to getting to know you better.

Not ready for a telephone appointment? Be sure to check out our Intellectual Property Resources before you go.

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