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Bonnie D. Headley

Senior Trademark Agent


Bonnie's interest in Intellectual Property began with her post-secondary education in radio and television broadcasting, which included a component about copyright law that appealed to her. This inspired an ongoing interest in intellectual property, but in particular trademarks and copyright. After relocating to Montreal, Bonnie joined an IP law firm in order to obtain the mandatory two years of  experience required to sit for the trademark agent qualifying exam with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Bonnie successfully passed this exam in 2004 and was registered as a trademark agent in Canada in 2005. Bonnie is also recognized to practice on behalf of Canadian applicants and registrants before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademarks and Branding

Bonnie has extensive experience in both the prosecution of trademark applications and the enforcement of trademark rights. Specifically, Bonnie is skilled at conducting trademark clearance searches, providing availability and registrability opinions, preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications in Canada and the United States, trademark summary cancellation proceedings and opposition proceedings, as well as collaborating with clients to tailor effective IP strategies locally and on an international scale. Bonnie can also provide guidance regarding the display of branding on product packaging and in advertising materials and how to correctly provide notice of trademark ownership or licensing.

Bonnie has worked with clients in various fields, including tech and innovation, food and food services, clothing and fashion, cosmetics, the cannabis industry, and mental health and wellness.

Publishing and Speaking on IP

Bonnie has contributed a number of articles on intellectual property and is currently a member of the editorial committee of the Canadian Intellectual Property Review, a publication that reviews and publishes articles on behalf of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC). In addition to being a member of this committee, Bonnie is also an active member of two other IPIC committees, including a committee examining current Canadian trademark legislation and forthcoming changes to the Canadian Trademarks Act. Bonnie has also spoken on a number of occasions about trademarks in the Canadian and international marketplace and is currently a member of a bank of speakers utilized in collaboration with IPIC and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Past Legal Employment

Prior to joining Heer Law, Bonnie worked in-house as a trademark agent for the legal team of the largest grocery retailer in Canada (Loblaw Companies Limited) and for a multi-national law firm (Bennett Jones LLP). Prior to that, Bonnie worked at two boutique IP firms that specialized primarily in trademark matters, as well as a Canadian university, overseeing its IP matters.

Bonnie Headley


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