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Dominic Cerilli

Articling Student
Hons. BSc Biochem., MSc Chem., JD


Dominic transitioned from a career in the sciences to intellectual property law to help innovators protect and commercialize their IP business assets in an increasingly knowledge-based economic climate. As a former scientist, Dominic understands the importance of not only generating new and innovative creations, but also identifying value-generating IP and leveraging a business’s IP to attract investors, generate revenue, and grow one’s business.

Dominic’s practice encompasses all areas of intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial design, and IP contracting. Due to his background in science and technology, Dominic is especially suited for counselling clients looking to secure patent rights or draft agreements to generate revenue from their inventions, brands, or copyright.


Dominic has always had a keen interest in securing patent protection for scientific and technological innovations and helping scientists and engineers transition their creations from the laboratory into marketable products. Dominic helps clients identify the most value-generating components of their creations and prepares patent drafts to reflect the exclusive territory most valuable to the creator. Dominic also has experience with patentability searches, patent-related dispute resolution, and advising and educating clients about patent rights.

Trademark, Copyright, and Industrial Design

Dominic advises businesses on brand development and rights enforcement and has extensive experience informing and guiding clients who own valuable copyright in software and artistic works. Dominic has also helped software developers understand and protect their design rights in software and mobile application interfaces.

During law school, Dominic worked at Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) as part of the IP Intensive Program offered by Osgoode Hall. During this time, Dominic helped develop Canadian law and policy by analyzing the commercial and equitable interests of leading industry stakeholders and guiding Canadian IP policy to reflect the interests of inventive Canadian businesses.

IP Contracts and Agreements

Dominic has extensive experience resolving software-related disputes, guiding clients through the software licensing process, and drafting licensing agreements that provide comprehensive IP protection. In particular, Dominic has drafted, revised, and negotiated terms of use agreements, master service agreements, and statements of work for a large technology company and for start-ups across North America.

Past Legal Employment

Dominic previously worked for the multinational IT consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, and solutions provider CGI Inc. During his time at CGI, Dominic collaborated with legal, business, and IT teams across Canada, the US, Europe, and India to protect and commercialize CGI’s IP and support the company’s growth and expansion in the global IT market.

Legal Education

Dominic graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. While at law school, Dominic was an active member of the IP community, acting as an editor of the Intellectual Property Journal, the content editor for IP Osgoode, a Senior Fellow of the Innovation Clinic, and the social media and promotions manager for IP Osgoode. Dominic was also a member of the Law in Action Within Schools program and the health law and mental health student associations.

Pre-Law Education

Before entering law, Dominic obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Masters in Chemical Sciences from Laurentian University. During his pre-law studies, Dominic was heavily involved in his local science, technology, engineering, and mathematics advocacy community, participated in several healthcare research projects, was a contributor to pedagogical literature, and worked at an addiction rehabilitation center.

Dominic Cerilli


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