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Fashion and Intellectual Property

With worldwide revenue from the fashion and apparel industry projected to reach $712.9 billion by 2022, there is ample opportunity for creative minds to capitalize on the growing popularity of this industry by developing new aesthetic designs and wearable technology. The market shift from in-person retailers to ecommerce platforms makes entering the fashion industry more viable for small and medium-sized businesses but also brings a higher standard of accessibility for online stores and mobile apps. Intellectual property can be found both in fashion designs and in the technology used to market fashion and protecting these business assets is instrumental in sustainable growth.

At Heer Law we have extensive experience providing legal advice and devising solutions for business owners, fashion designers, and garment engineers looking to turn their creativity into a sustainable business. Understanding and protecting your legal rights in aesthetic and utilitarian elements of creative designs is instrumental in generating revenue from your creativity and remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving market. Our team has extensive experience working with industrial design, trademark, copyright, and patent protection for both aesthetic and utilitarian fashion designs and many other creative industries.

Specifically, we have provided legal services to businesses focused on:

  • Fashion design
  • Footwear
  • Millinery
  • Wearable technology
  • Ecommerce platforms

Our specialty fashion services include industrial design applications, patent applications, commercialization strategy and implementation, licensing agreements, and model release agreements. Our goal is to educate creators about the importance and value of understanding and enforcing their intellectual property rights. Call us today to learn more about how Heer Law can help you protect your creative business assets.

Bonnie Headley is our key contact for businesses in the fashion space.

Our fashion industry legal services include:

Rights acquisition

  • Industrial design applications
  • Patent applications
  • Trademark applications
  • Copyright registration

Strategic consulting

  • Commercialization strategy and implementation
  • Creative business practice management
  • Patent and trademark clearance and advice
  • Rights clearance and advice regarding fair dealing

Prosecuting and defending infringement claims

  • Enforcement of industrial design, patent, copyright, and trademark rights through alternative dispute resolution proceedings and litigation
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights through cease and desist and demand letters
  • Responding to cease and desist and demand letters

Negotiation and drafting of industry specific contracts

  • Photography contracts, model release agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Waivers of moral rights
  • Publishing agreements
  • Independent contractor and freelance artist agreements
  • Consignment agreements
  • Graphic design contracts