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Green Technology, Alternative Energy and Intellectual Property

With the Government of Canada aiming to ban harmful single-use plastics as early as 2021, there is a pressing need for market innovation to replace plastic bags, straws, cutlery, plates, stir sticks and more. Canada produces over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, one-third of which is from single-use or short-lived products and packaging. Nonetheless, Canadians are likely to continue to demand the convenience offered by single-use plastics, creating a gap in the market that can be filled by new green technology that aims to offer the same convenience of single-use items but without the negative long-term environmental impact. Consequently, creating and commercializing biodegradable materials or reusable alternatives to banned plastics is key to maintaining or growing market presence for other industries and complying with new anti-pollution standards and targets.

At Heer Law we have extensive experience providing legal advice and devising solutions for business owners, scientists, engineers, and green technology companies looking to bring new science and technology to market. Our team has extensive experience securing patent protection for green technology clients, with many professionals holding pre-law academic degrees in the chemical science and technology sectors and who are acutely aware of the attention to technical detail necessary in successful patent drafting.

Specifically, we have provided intellectual property services to:

  • Green technology developers
  • Clean energy companies
  • Renewable energy solutions providers
  • Fuel cell manufacturing companies
  • Geoscience companies
  • Academic research institutions
  • Molecular science companies
  • Water treatment businesses
  • Professional engineers
  • Professional scientists

Our goal is to help businesses and innovators understand and enforce their intellectual property rights. Part of successfully bringing green technology to market involves ensuring compliance with government regulations and securing legal protection for your innovative products and brand. Heer law specializes in intellectual property law and understands the importance of identifying value generating components of green technology and developing a strong market reputation in emerging and rapidly growing markets. Call us today to learn more about how Heer Law can help you protect your intellectual property rights.

Our green technology and alternative energy law services include:

Rights acquisition

  • Patent applications in Canada, the United States and through the PCT
  • Trademark applications in Canada and internationally

Strategic consulting

  • Commercialization strategy and implementation
  • Patent and trademark clearance and advice
  • Science and technology practice management

Negotiation and drafting of industry specific contracts

  • Licensing agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Graphic design contracts

Prosecuting and defending infringement claims

  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights through cease and desist and demand letters
  • Responding to cease and desist and demand letters