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Larissa Leong

Intellectual Property Lawyer, Patent Agent, Trademark Agent


Larissa Leong is a lawyer, registered patent agent, and registered trademark agent, who also holds a degree with distinction in pharmacology and computer science. Her practice is focused on the strategic creation, development, and commercialization of intellectual property rights around the world.

Larissa’s degrees and experience enable her to readily understand complex, cutting-edge inventions in a vast range of technical disciplines in order to effectively create patent strategy and develop patent portfolios for clients across industries.


As a patent lawyer, Larissa advises multinational, national, and local clients on the protection and use of inventions in a diverse range of scientific and high-tech fields, including:

  • computer-implemented technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, computer vision, financial technology, databases and data management systems, distributed computing, cloud computing, cybersecurity, telecommunications, image and video recognition and processing, augmented and virtual reality, digital health and healthcare technology, mobile devices and applications, business and regulatory platforms, and computer hardware and software;
  • life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biologics, therapeutics, compositions, biotechnology, gene therapy, stem cells, immunotherapy, gene and protein expression, precision medicine, biomarkers, molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, medical devices; and
  • mechanical devices.

In these and other fields, Larissa works to create patents for clients, from drafting through to prosecution and grant. She directs the strategic development and management of global patent portfolios and advises on the enforcement and defence of patent rights.


Larissa has experience advancing the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in patent litigation dealing with complex infringement and validity issues, including in sophisticated pharmaceutical and computer-related patents, as well as in trademark litigation for both brand owners and opponents. She also has experience with disputes involving other intellectual property.

Trademarks, Other IP, and Agreements

Larissa advises on the protection of brands, designs, and original works and represents clients to create registered trademark, industrial design / design patent, and copyright assets. She advises on intellectual property matters, including providing registrability, clearance to use, and infringement opinions on trademarks.

Larissa also counsels clients in the creation of a variety of agreements and licenses, including intellectual property licenses, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, assignments, and intellectual property agreements relating to employment or other contractual relationships.

Research and Experience

Larissa holds a law degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and also graduated with distinction from UBC with a Bachelor of Science degree in both computer science and pharmacology.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Larissa conducted research in the areas of medical genetics as well as human-computer interaction, including under a research award from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Her research focused on the implementation of improved artificial intelligence technology for gait analysis with potential utility in rehabilitation; development of a computerized cognitive assessment tool for the early detection of dementia; and investigation into the effect of genetic mosaicism and microdeletions on medically pertinent patient characteristics.

While completing her law degree, Larissa was recognized with a number of awards for academic excellence, legal writing, top standing in coursework, and community service.

Larissa draws from her experience practicing on Bay Street at the Toronto office of a leading global law firm, where she also summered and articled, as well as on a secondment to the legal group of a major financial institution.

Larissa was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2017 and later called to the Bar of British Columbia. She is a registered patent agent (CA, US) and registered trademark agent (CA).

Larissa Leong


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