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Marnie Landon

IP Clerk


Marnie entered the field of intellectual property law due to her interest in emerging technologies, innovation, strategy, and legal administration. In her supporting role, she is focused on understanding the client’s needs and delivering effective solutions that exceed their expectations.

Past Employment

Prior to joining Heer Law, she was focused on emerging technology R&D and software development in the finance and energy industries. She began her career as a programmer for the research scientists and business analysts at Imperial Oil. At the Toronto Stock Exchange, she co-led the design and development of an ambitious and visionary strategic plan to detect insider trading and led the pilot implementation team. Then, she joined the Technology Planning and Development group at the Royal Bank of Canada, where her focus was on office productivity emerging technology solutions. At both the Toronto Stock Exchange and Royal Bank, she led early natural language processing and artificial intelligence projects. With the recent breakthrough in Deep Learning, Marnie saw how many projects conceived in the past suddenly became possible, so she joined the AI revolution and made a shift from the corporate world to a start-up environment. There, she worked on LegalTech, advised start-ups, led community initiatives to improve AI literacy, and was an invited speaker on AI education and preparing students for the future of technology. Additionally, she has volunteered as an advisor on AI and computer science development projects and is passionate about using technology to increase access to justice.


Marnie has a Law Clerk diploma from Seneca College and an Honours Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Queen’s University. Additionally, she has machine learning, data science, and data analytics certificates.