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Website Privacy Policy

Heer Law collects the personal information that you send to us by email through the links on this website in order to address the content of that communication and for any future communications with you in connection with the services provided by us. We will take reasonable precautions to secure any personal information received, but we do not represent or warrant the protection of any collected information against disclosure, misuse or modifications.

We abide by all applicable Rules of Professional Conduct and privacy laws in connection with the collection, receipt and maintenance of personal or confidential information. We will not disclose any of your personal or confidential information unless required by law or for security reasons.

This website does not collect personal information which identifies our individual visitors. This website, like most other commercial websites, uses analytics software to monitor website traffic and usage, including Google Analytics™ and web statistics software provided by and Cloudflare. We do so in order to assess the effectiveness of the website and paid advertising placements appearing in Google searches and search results, Bing searches, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. First-party usage data is collected through server-side analytics tracking where possible. Client-side tracking is also used where server-side tracking is not yet available. Heer Law does not control the use of information collected by Google, Microsoft, Meta, Twitter,, or Cloudflare, and asks that you consult their respective privacy policies concerning their use of that information.

Heer Law may change this website privacy policy at any time by posting a new version to this website. If you have any questions relating to the use or disclosure of information that you may provide to us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Us

Heer Law specializes in providing intellectual property law, intellectual property litigation, patent agent and trademark agent services.

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