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Trizia De Leon

Legal Receptionist, Intake Coordinator


Trizia is a Legal Receptionist and Client Intake Coordinator at Heer Law. She is passionate about working with people and finds fulfillment in understanding individuals’ unique perspectives and experiences, believing that every interaction offers an opportunity for mutual growth and learning. As your first point of contact for the firm, Trizia embodies the epitome of enthusiasm when it comes to customer assistance and will ensure your seamless experience at Heer Law.

Past Employment

Prior to her time at Heer Law, Trizia successfully launched and manages her own beauty business, where she provides exceptional services to her clients. Being a highly driven entrepreneur, she is passionate about leveraging social media to build genuine connections and foster a community in every role she takes on.


Trizia received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2022 from the University of Toronto where she double majored in Political Science and Communication, Culture, Information and Technology.