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Computer Technologies

The global computer technology market is ever-expanding and diversifying to provide new solutions to business problems and new benefits to end users. Like other IP-intensive industries, an instrumental part of surviving and thriving in the computer technology sector is ensuring you have the exclusive rights to your most important IP business assets. Such exclusive rights as are granted by IP protection can restrain your competitors from misappropriating your technology and protect your margins against copycats who could absent IP protection undercut you with lower, commoditized pricing.

At Heer Law, we have extensive experience providing legal advice and solutions for business owners looking to bring new computer technologies to market. Our team has extensive experience securing patent protection for emerging innovative new technologies. In particular, our principal Christopher Heer, is a certified specialist in patent law and obtained a pre-law degree in computer engineering complemented by a few years of work experience in industry.

By way of example, we have recently provided legal services in the areas of:

  • Artificial intelligence, particularly neural networks and expert systems
  • Computer vision and object identification
  • Computer graphics
  • Quantum computing
  • Fintech and encryption technologies
  • Computer networking equipment
  • Blockchain
  • Computer systems for use in healthcare
  • Websites and domain name disputes

Our goal is to help businesses and innovators obtain and where needed enforce their intellectual property rights to build business value. Heer Law practices intellectual property law exclusively and understands the importance of identifying and building business value with intellectual property rights.

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Our computer technology legal services include:

Rights Acquisition

  • Patent applications
  • Trademark applications
  • Copyright applications
  • Industrial design and design patent applications

Strategic Consulting

  • Commercialization strategy and implementation
  • Patent and trademark clearance and advice

Negotiation & Drafting of Industry
Specific Contracts

  • Licensing agreements
  • Terms of use agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Copyright assignments
  • Patent assignments

Prosecuting and Defending Infringement Claims

  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights through cease and desist and demand letters
  • Responding to cease and desist and demand letters
  • Enforcement of patent, trademark, copyright and/or industrial design rights through litigation or alternative dispute resolution