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Health and Wellness Industry and Intellectual Property

With Canada’s Health Portfolio consisting of roughly 12,000 full-time equivalent employees and having an annual budget exceeding $3.8 billion, there is ample opportunity for businesses of all sizes to participate in Canada’s growing health industry. There is a special level of diligence that you, as a health and wellness business, put into devising products and services in order to meet the growing needs of Canadians who are interested in living a more wholesome and rewarding life. At Heer Law we can protect your hard work by protecting your intellectual property.

We have extensive experience providing legal advice and devising solutions in the health and wellness sector and excel at explaining the rigorous regulatory demands that accompany the industry. Our team regularly drafts patent and trademark applications and secures legal protection for our client’s innovative health products and brands. Rebecca Silverhart, one of our intellectual property lawyers, specializes in drafting patent applications for health products and helps our clients gain the exclusive right to exclude their competitors from making and selling their claimed inventions in the market. Bonnie Headley, our senior trademark agent, previously worked in-house as a trademark agent for Loblaw Companies Limited (the owner of Shoppers Drug Mart) and has continued to provide expert strategic branding services at Heer Law. Other members of our legal team have technical backgrounds in the chemical and biochemical sciences and are well-equipped to understand the scientific details of your health and wellness products or services.

Specifically, we have provided legal services to businesses centered on:

  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Molecular science
  • Sporting events
  • Youth exercise programs
  • Occupational health services
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Charitable donation programs for persons affected by illness
  • Cosmetics and skin care
  • Fitness and gym centers
  • Wellness retreats and spas

Our goal at Heer Law is to help businesses understand, protect, and enforce their intellectual property rights. Heer Law specializes in all the IP-related aspects of commercializing the value-generating aspects of your innovation, growing your brand, and complying with Canada’s health and wellness regulations. Call us today to learn more about how Heer Law can help you protect your intellectual property rights.

Our health and wellness legal services include:

Rights acquisition

  • Patent applications in Canada, the United States and through the PCT
  • Trademark applications in Canada and internationally

Strategic consulting

  • Commercialization strategy and implementation
  • Patent and trademark clearance and advice
  • Health and wellness commercialization strategy

Negotiation and Drafting of Industry Specific Contracts

  • Licensing agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Graphic design contracts

Prosecuting and Defending Infringement Claims

  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights through cease and desist and demand letters
  • Responding to cease and desist and demand letters